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Up Coming Events

Randall J Hodges Photography Gallery

Edmonds WA  317 Main St Edmonds, WA 98020 -- 425-582-0803


Images of the West Gallery, by Randall J Hodges, Cannon Beach OR

224 North Hemlock Street Suite #1. Cannon Beach, OR 97110 (No Mail) 503-436-4113

  • Spring Unveiling 20th Annual Arts Festival - May 1st - 3rd 2020

    • Images of the West will be unveiling 12 new #1 pieces and a new 1/1 Original by world renown photographer Randal J Hodges. Randall will be in the gallery with stories, free lesson tips and signing his book Images of the West with 20 years of his photography. 

  • Earth and Ocean Festival - September 18th - 20th 2020

    • Come on out to Cannon Beach and Celebrate Art, and the environment in this festival that helps make a difference for our beautiful planet. Images of the West Gallery salutes Planet Earth and Mother Nature with Randall’s Unforgettable Images of the West, bringing awareness of the need to protect these beautiful areas. For more info please check out the Cannon Beach Gallery Group

  • Stormy Weather Arts Festival - November 6th - 8th 2020

    • Yep, this is the big one! Come out at the turn of the Season to celebrate art in beautiful Cannon Beach. The Images of the West Gallery will be pulling out all the stops with the gallery being fully stocked and Randall himself will be in the gallery showing off new work, giving free talks and lesson tips, and signing his book Images of the West featuring 20 years of his photography. Ask to see the back of Randall Camera as he shows off his latest work. You will learn how he captures his unforgettable Images of the West, without the use of Photoshop or computer work. That’s right! He does it All-in-Camera Old Schools Style, and he will be in the gallery to explain how! Come on out and enjoy the Art, and Enjoy the Season at Cannon Beach! 

      We hope to see you there!