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About Me

Randall J Hodges Photography

Randall has been capturing images of the Western United States as a full time professional photographer for over 15 years. Most of his work comes from time spent hiking and backpacking the wilderness areas of the west where he had has hiked and photographed over 27,000 trail miles. Randall’s work has been published over 3400 times all around the world in books, magazines, calendars, greeting cards, post cards, newspapers and much, much more. His work appears in publications like National Geographic,  Nature Photographer Magazine, Northwest Travel Magazine, Oregon Coast Magazine, Hawaii Magazine, Photo Monthly Magazine,  Outdoor Photography Magazine, Photo Professionals Magazine, Seattle Magazine, 1859 Oregon Magazine, Washington Trails Magazine, In the Pacific Northwest Magazine, just to name a few. Randall has won countless awards for his photography. Randall does not alter his work in any way and considers himself an “In Camera Shooter” as he spends the time to wait for the right light and color and uses “Old School Techniques” rather than post-processing to capture his remarkable images.

Randall work has been featured in countless galleries and art shows around the West. He speaks at photography conventions and seminars and teaches, out in the field, lessons and seminars in the West where he shares his old-school techniques on digital cameras with his students.

Randall has set up a home base in his own gallery, at the Randall J Hodges Fine Art Photography Gallery at 317 Main Street in Downtown Edmonds, Washington. You can find out more about him on his web-site at or on Face book at Randall J Hodges Photography.  

Randall tries to share his spiritual connection with nature through his photography.

“Take only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints”

Randall J Hodges Photography

“Walks Far”